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Thread: G1 on at&t

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    G1 on at&t

    i have read a couple of "dated" threads about using the G1 on at&t. most of which stated that 3g would not work, has there been any fixes around this or anything? i switched from t-mob to at&t because of limited t-mob service in my area. and i know that the G1 runs best on t-mob, but i could not do it any more. let me know your thoughts, and if you have done this before. and how the phone runs on at&t

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    Your t-mo G1 will only work using edge, not 3g on AT&T. You can however get a "Rogers Dream or Magic" from ebay (I did this) and once you unlock the phone, the 3g will work wonderfully (Rogers and AT&T use the same 3g frequencies).

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