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    "File as" in GMail doesnn't affect G1 contacts(?)

    I'm writing because the contacts system on my Android is a bit of a mess and I'm trying to work it out. Generally speaking, I try to save as much information as I can on my contacts within their entries. To that end, I almost always use full names (including middle names and titles) in the Name field, and then use "File As" for the name I'm most likely to call them- for example, say I have a friend named Alexander Joseph Johnson III. I'll save that name because there are occasions or mailings where it would be useful to know his full name. But since I just call him "Alex Johnson" usually, I will use "File As" to make note of that. It works perfectly fine in gmail, and it is a necessary trick when I import from Outlook, which has many more fields than Gmail does.

    The problem is, I can't seem to find any way to make G1 recognize the "File as field"- so, when I want to make a call to Alex, I have to look for Alexander. And if I receive a message from him, it takes up the whole screen! Even worse, if I happened to use the "Title" field in Outlook prior to exporting it (which I do to keep track of who prefers to be a Dr., a Mr., a Ms., or a Miss), it screws up the alphabetizing completely because the phone seems to interpret that as a first name.

    Does anybody else have this issue? Is there some setting I'm missing?

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    Unhappy "File As" contacts sync

    I'm having the same issue with my G2. Did you ever find a solution to this? Thanks.

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