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[h5]Aplix joins Open Handset Alliance[/h5]
Tokyo, Japan - November 06, 2007-
Aplix Corporation (TSE: 3727) announced today that it is joining Open Handset Alliance, an industry alliance of mobile industry leaders to solve mobile platform fragmentation and escalating software development cost that have slowed innovation in the mobile industry. The Alliance will be delivering an open mobile platform (Android) which will benefit mobile users with easy and open access to a wide variety of innovative services which so far have been limited to mostly the desktop. We believe the launch of the alliance to be a giant step in bringing robust ubiquitous services to the consumer.
"It is truly exciting to be part of the Open Handset Alliance. Aplix is committed to bring our extensive mobile & embedded experience in enabling device manufacturers & wireless operators faster time to market with devices based on the Android platform." says Ryu Koriyama, Chairman & CEO of Aplix Corporation.
The Android platform marks the growth of mobile services and the service opportunities in the wireless ecosystem. Having the embedded software product deployment experience for over 10 years and strong presence in the global market, Aplix is committed to contribute to the commercialization of the Android platform in mobile device.
  • About Aplix Corporation
    Aplix Corporation is the global leader in deploying Java technology in mobile phones. Aplix was first established in 1986 and has been a Sun JavaTM licensee since 1996. Aplix was publicly listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Mothers) in 2003. On August 24, 2004 Aplix and the Taiwan based company iaSolution finalized the integration of the corporations.
    Headquarters: Tokyo
    Other offices: San Francisco, Munich, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Yokosuka, and Okinawa
    For more information, please visit: www.aplixcorp.com/and www.iasolution.net