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    Audiovox exits mobile phone market

    "Audiovox has agreed to sell its wireless handset division to UTStarcom for $165.1 million, saying it couldn't compete in an industry dominated by bigger players. Audiovox, a Hauppauge, N.Y.-based consumer electronics and communications company, said it is exiting the wireless handset business because it believes it no longer has "the capabilities to be a major player in that market". UTStarcom, an Alameda, Calif.- based company with extensive Chinese operations, said it believes the acquisition is a key milestone in its entry into the CDMA marketplace, one of the two major cellphone standards."

    "As part of the agreement, Audiovox also agreed to allow UTStarcom to use the Audiovox brand name for the next five years, so phones carrying the Audiovox name may well remain on sale for some time."

    Looks like ATTWS is making one bad business decision after another... first the Siemens SX56, now the Audiovox PPC 4100. Now I understand why "Ma-Bell" had to sell ATTWS off. I can see the 4100 to be phased out by ATTWS (as they did with the SX56) in less than 2 years.

    Maybe it is time to leave ATTWS.

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    How about phased out in one week. The same day that Audiovox announced quitting the line, the 4100 disappeared off of ATTWS's website.

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    I wonder if this explain's why I was able to pickup an Audiovox RTM 8000D GPRS CF card for under $40. It's working extremely well in my Ipaq 2215, and should keep me happy for now.

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