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    PPC 4100 to be recalled and replaced with "version 2"?

    When I tried to exchange my PPC 4100 at an AT&T Wireless store in Metro DC - I was told that AT&T corporate directed area stores to pack up and return all unsold PPC 4100's because of problems with the unit.

    According to someone at customer care, a sort of "version 2" of the PPC 4100 is expected out soon to replace the recalled model.

    What wasnt clear was if "version 2" will have more/better features or if "version 2" will simply reduce problems AT&T was having with the phone.

    Apparently, some of the problems had to do with a high rate of returns because of trouble getting online (protocals/failure of sales rep to set proxy server) and quality control issues with audiovox (feedback/squaling after placing call, display issues).

    So, now I'm stuck with a phone with a bad display until I find stock or another model I like.

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    So, now I'm stuck with a phone with a bad display until I find stock or another model I like.
    Why can't you just return the phone while you are still in trial period, get your money back and then wait for the next phone?

    From what I heard, ATTWS will get the iPAQ 6135, after T-Mobile exhausts the 3-months-exclusive period. That's why I am still hanging on my SX56. I am waiting to upgrade to the iPAQ.

    I don't know how good this version 2 will be and I don't want to be the "beta tester". The PPC4100 might have a faster processor than the iPAQ6135, but stability and reliability is much higher on my list. I don't like to change device every single year. So I am looking for a device from a vendor that will be there for long term.

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