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    Interested in: OEM Accessories not sold in the US.

    A member at Howard Forums is posting to gain interest from PPC4100 users who might want some of the OEM (Original Equiment Mfg) accessories not offered in the US. Here is a list of what he is offering and his pricing along with a link to the thread.


    Here is the info from the thread from TheGadgetGuy:

    "I am trying to gauge interest in several accessories for the Audiovox PPC4100.

    Currently, I am in negotiations with the manufacturer to import several different accessories for the phone that AT&T and Audiovox do not currently carry. Please PM me if you are SERIOUSLY interested in the following...

    (pricing is still being finalized)

    Car charger $16.00
    3-in-1 USB synch/charge cables $25.00
    Retractable USB synch cable $15.00
    SIDO SD camera $80.00
    GPS receiver $99.00
    Headphone jack adapter with remote control buttons (cool!)
    Spare battery $40.00
    Charging cradle $40.00
    "real buttons" keypad $45.00

    ALL ITEMS are new, OEM items. Straight from the manufacturer of the phone. They are not knock-off cheapo accessories.

    If you don't know what any of the items are, please ask. Some are really nice. I don't know why AT&T/Audiovox aren't selling them.

    I need to gauge interest prior to finalizing any agreements. So, please be honest about your thoughts! There are other accessories available, but these are the ones we are considering importing at this time."
    Feedback: http://www.howardforums.com/showthre...hreadid=363027

    If your interested visit and let him know.
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    I need a headset adapter!

    I need a headset adapter that will allow me to use any standard headset. I have an IPsoftphone installed from Avaya and it has a bad echo for the person I am talking to(they hear every word they say to me). I need to be able to use a higher quality headset to correct this. Please let me know if you have an adapter that will allow me do this.


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    Also need a headset adapter. The adapter on the 4100 appears to be an RCA/2.5 combo. I get a lot of noise on regular plugs.

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