OK...I've read through several threads in this forum about the usability of this PPC Phone. I realize it has no cursor pad, and all navigation is controlled with the side scroll wheel. If I were to purchase this device, I'd use Microsoft's Voice Control software with it...as well as tapping directly on the screen with my thumb for some navigational purposes.

My question, then...are there any other issues with this phone that should stop one from purchasing it besides what we already know (cursor pad, no BT, no Wi-Fi)?

Speaking of Wi-Fi, I could have sworn I read that the unlocked Anextek version of this device accepted and worked great with the Sandisk Wi-Fi SD card. Now I read some people are questioning whether this phone is Wi-Fi capable. Which is it?

I held one today for the first time, and I fell in love with the form factor. Just a little wider than a Treo 600 (owned and sold that one, but loved the form factor...just can't do Palm anymore), but almost in tune with every other size spec. I really want the smallest PPC Phone possible.

Yes, I know the ipaq 6300 is coming, but it looks to be a bit on the larger side than this phone. I just want a small PPC Phone that performs great and gets decent battery life (and could accept my Sandisk Wi-Fi SD Card if I want to do that). Can this phone meet my expectations?