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    Just what I needed

    As an old hat with PDA's, Phones, laptops and linking them all together I went in search of my convergence deivce.

    I am heavy business user. All the other kids have blackberries. I needed the same full pim, phone and push e-mail features but wanted a full featured PDA. wife won't let me spend big bucks on something I may sit on/lose.

    After reading all of the threads and checking out a lot of devices, against much advice, I went with the 4100.

    After two weeks, I am most impressed.

    sub-200 bcks on e-bay, unlocked as advertised.
    small enough to put in shirt pocket
    small enough to use against the head (yes, it clearly is supposed to work fine this way despite odd warnings in the manual)
    nice big bright display
    acts as a solid mp3 player, syncing with WM9 playlists flawlessly
    video player has nice full screen rotated view (not really useful beyond a few pron clips)
    Fully voice activated! (mp3, calendar reading, voice dialing, etc.)
    Word, Excel (the key reason for PPC for me)
    eBooks reader
    PPC games (havn't yet tried Quake port)
    SDIO for the future

    T-mobile gives me unlimited GPRS which gets me
    passable web browsing (mapquest, news, stocks, etc. when you need it)
    Always connected oulook linkage with Corp Exchange server (the other critical factor but setup not well documented)
    VPN into corp extranet (not needed for Exchange)
    terminal services into my home server (painful)

    Activesync and pocket outlook (and M$Exchange 2003) give me all a blackberry has to offer, plus all the benefits of PPC.

    Doesn't have WI-Fi (I am not in enough free wifi places without my laptop to make this valuable) rotated screen (would be good for excel) or camera. I guess I can get SDIO wifi, bluetooth and camera if I wanted.

    I am happy man.

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    I just want to say thanks for your mini-review of the 4100. I just purchased one off of ebay last night and I am highly anticipating it's arival! It sounds like you have the same sort of needs for the device as I do and I think that it will be good for me. Anyway, thanks.

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    I'm writing in regards to what you did to get your 4100 pda to work with t-mobile gprs internet service, i have one and i was on the phone with t-mobile and there was no way that they could help me put the wright info where it need to go to get the phone to work if you remeber what you did to yours or how i can do it i would apppreciate the help thank you.

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