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    T-mobile browser access on ppc4100?

    Newbie here. Have ppc4100 unlocked (ebay) works great but while I do not wish to pick up email wirelessly, I would like to use the browser. My previous phone was a motorola v60 with simple browser page capabilities.

    Does anyone know how I can set up my (at&t) ppc4100 to access the web?

    Thanks !

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    Not sure what you mean. If you mean just to hit WAP/mMode, I don't know. If you mean full web access you either need to use it in data dial-up mode (and GSM phoen can do this, ut I have never done it with 4100) which is slow and expensive ro you can get a GPRS data monthly plan from t-mobile.

    Set-up for GPRS is simple. set apn to wap.voicestream.com and leave the username and password blank. if you need to, use *99**1*1# as the phone number.


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