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    Question PPC4100 and scandisk SD WIFI

    I have limited data access(4mb) with my att&t account, but I would like to use this card for WIFI access to the internet. is there a way to force IE to use my card for internet access?


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    Hi - yes I got the SanDisk WiFi for that same reason - It's easy to tell the PPC4100 to use the WiFi card to connect to the internet. And since WiFi spots are becoming so commonplace, I am able to avoid using my precious GPRS "Data Access" kb's almost altogether.

    Go to Settings->Connections->Advanced->Select Networks, and choose 'My ISP' in the first field where it says "Programs that automatically connect to the Internet should connect using:". Then click 'Ok' and click on the Network Card button, go to the Network Adapters tab and make sure that "my network card connects to:" is set to "The Internet".

    But unfortunately (to my knowledge) the 4100 is not smart enough to automatically go "ok, I don't see a WiFi card or WiFi signal, so I'll fall back on using GPRS to surf the web. If you are not in a WiFi spot but still want to use GPRS to surf the web, you need to go back into Settings->Connections->Advanced->Select Networks and change it from "My ISP" back to "GPRS Connection".

    But I'm happy to be proven wrong.

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