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    Audiovox PPC4100

    I have an Audiovox PPC4100 which I find useful while on the road. Now I want more. Could you tell me what is required to make this device my laptops modem. It came with the cradle, which like the 4100 has a hard time staying connected to the power plug. Is this normal? Anyway, what about software or data cables, do I need them and if so, any advice would save me time, and cease my endless search and questions to the internet and friends. I really need some advice before chucking this thing and taking a different path. Sandy

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    Hopefully you'll get a different answer than mine, but I'm about 95% sure that the AudioVox cannot be used as a modem.

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    You might try...

    You might be able to try an add-on bluetooth card....and a bluetooth usb adapter....it should support a serial connection back to the phone....that might work....short answer is: It's going to take some tinkering....

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