Hey everyone,
i bought the ppc4100 last week and use it in CHINA now,at first i could find tow network "china mobile and china unicom.both are in 1800mhz',and i chosed china mobile,the machine run well,after that i changed to china unicom and run well also. in order to use GPRS i change to china mobile again,but this time ,the handset search the network all the time,when i choose Manual it can find tow band,but it unable to register to the netwok, and the china unicom is available at the same time. i hardrest the handset and it displays the windows require me to input the unlocked number ,i use the download unlock dll to unlock the machine , and now i can only find one band for china unicom and china mobile is disappear,i can only use china unicom
now,if there someone meet this problem and kown what to do.
i also want to know if the 10 times input for the unlocked is excess what will happen