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    Unhappy internet settings for t-mobile with a audiovox ppc 4100

    I just bought an audiovox ppc 4100, but t-mobile can't connect my phone to the internet even though i purchased the unlimited internet plan. I was told that you can change the internet settings to make the phone connect to the internet. could someone please explain to me step by step how to get connected

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    go into connection manager and make a new connection. Give the connection a name "T-Mobile" or what ever you want. under select a modem choose cellular line gprs, Hit next, for access point name type in: internet3.voicestream.com
    hit next and then finish. (you do not have to put in a password or username)
    to connect just click on connect GPRS, make sure it shows the name you selected for the connection to the left as this name will have the required settings. If the service you selected is the unlimited internet then this should work fine. The only other service I would recommend is Thunderhawk for your internet browser. They do charge a fee for service I believe $5.95/month or $50 for the year, but the difference in speed is worth it. They offer a trial so definately give it a try.

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