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    Question I need help with connecting my phone to T-mobile (internet settings)

    I just bought an audiovox ppc 4100, but t-mobile can't connect my phone to the internet even though i purchased the unlimited internet plan. I was heard that you can change the internet settings to make the phone connect to the internet using t-mobile. Could someone please explain to me step by step how to get connected to the inter net using t-mobile.

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    I had the same problem when i visited Asia.
    I don't know if u have tried this, but here's what i did while in Asia, and it worked gr8.
    Tap on the "signal bar" (start< signal bar< vol & date)
    In Connectivity, LH bottom corner, tap on "Settings"
    Under Connections, go to "Advanced"
    Connections->Advanced-> Tap on "Select Networks"
    under Network Management, u will c 2 drop down menu's, in both select "GPRS Connection"
    Now follow the following procedure for both:
    Under each Menus u'll c the edit button,
    Tap "edit"
    GPRS Connection -> tap " proxy settings"
    Select "This network...Internet"
    Unselect "This network uses....internet"
    Save ur settings and ur done!

    This worked for me, so good luck!

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    WELL lets see the settings are

    enter name for the connection
    gprs connection

    select a modem
    cellular line (GPRS)

    select next

    access point name:

    select advances

    choose use server assigned ip address

    select ok then chose finish

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