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    Is it just me or...

    ...I got a FLAWLESS ppc 4100?
    Seriously, about a month ago before receiving my ppc from ebay(used.but in MINT condition), i was reading all customer reviews, forum posts , etc. JUST ABOUT EVERYONE hit hard on the device. Freezing problems, Broken LCD screens in just days of use, bad speaker quality, bad battery life, you name it.

    The comments were so bad it started giving me really BAD expectations before I even got it. In my mind if felt like i wasnt getting a pocket pc at all anymore.

    Then i got it. After a whole month of usage, i have NEVER HAD any of these problems. I think i only had to soft reset it about a couple of times and thats it. Its been working flawlessly and VERY FAST ever since I got it!

    Its my first post here, yeah i know as i am newbie everyone might get this with a grain of salt(I dont blame you, really) i HAD to register to share with you guys this [apparently] rare story.hehe.

    Now, let me ask this question: What version is everyone's ppc?
    Maybe the guy who owned this before serviced it? Updated the firmware?

    PS.: I know a month might not seem much, but it was enough to give me that "THIS IS A SOLID DEVICE" feel.

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    I'm with ya there Docd2k4, so far mine has been working great, very pleased with it. I did do something crazy last night and updated to audiovox's latest patch, but tossed the unlocked dll file in and all is good. Running great! Seems pretty solid to me

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