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    Unsuccesful unlocking

    Thank you for your answer.

    I am from Greece but i am not in Greece right now. I am working as a physician in United states.
    Can you please describe to me the unlocking process from the begining step by step?
    If this doesn't work what is the alternative process?
    If all these measures do not work, is there any other place where i can go and fix it? I can go anywhere in chicago!!!!!!!!!
    Please help me! Is the phone that i was dreaming and now it doesn't work.
    I don't think it is defective because it works fine as pocket pc.

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    first of all we need to know that your phone feature is working...
    Have trieda sim card to check that..? make a backup of your PPC4100... do a hard reset and do not restore the backup.. leave it be as it is when you purchase it.. if it's an AT&T use someone's AT&T sim card to see that it's working or you can use any sim card and expect to see the unlock code menu... if any of that do not do anything then you have problem.
    If the phone feature is working then remove the sim card and simple overwrite the .dll. just do it from activesync explorer but be sure that is overwritten and not autorenamed. do a soft reset and then insert your sim card.
    I'm attaching my .dll so we know for sure that is a working one.. there are instructions inside too..
    GOOD LUCK!!!
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