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Thread: Can't Sync

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    Can't Sync

    PPC 4100 using v. 3.8 of active sync on a windows xp home computer

    I cannot get the device to sync via usb. The active sync on the computer does not know that the ppc is even there. I can however sync other ppcs using the same computer just not the ppc4100.

    Has Anyone else had this problem, need to at least connect to copy the unlock file but I cannot so it is totally useless at this point.

    Any suggestions?



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    You can also tranfer it from an mmc or SD card or even mail it to your phone.. But the isue I believe is to Sync it anyway beside the unlock isue. Have you try to open PPC's active sync while you connect it to the Gradle? is it charging, Have you made the right connections to the gradle? CHeck once more.. The problem is only on sync ? you can view your PPC from windows and browse it?

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    I had similar problem. When i plugged in PDA to my PC, PDA was charging but PC didn't detected hardware. In addition i can't sync my PDA also.

    I check connection on two different PC, but i had the same problem.

    Is it caused by PDA hardware or Windows bad drivers ?

    PC: Windows XP SP 2
    Intel 2,8 HT Prescot

    PDA: Audiovox PPC4100

    Thanks for any advice.
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