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    First time boot problem

    I just purchased my phone, got it charged, booted it....and got the At&T screen.....nothing.

    Confused, I realised what a moron I was, and hadn't put my Cingular SIM card in yet. Whoops.

    With said SIM card in place, rebooted.....and got the "Press (up audio button) to clear all data..." screen. Despite pushing down on the key, it won't ever let me skip the process.

    When I DO however try to clear all data, the progress bar goes all the way to the right.....almost. It stops just short, and freezes.

    What the heck....I can't even get into the phone to TRY and fix it.....

    Any ideas?

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    I have exactly the same problem, but i have a Rogers sim card..not even sure if the phone is functioning properly..The blue At&T screen comes up for 2 seconds then the phone shuts down..From what i read you're supposed to be able to use the phone as a PDA even without a network signal..

    hope someone can help..

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