I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Cingular to try to resolve this problem with no luck. My PPC4100 will not recieve text messages! Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that it does not display the text messages that it has recieved. I was using a cordless phone while I was talking to Cingular and I'm pretty sure I heard the static on that line that my phone usually generates when it is sending or recieving data as I was supposed to be recieving text messages but the text messages did not appear. I read somewhere that having too many items on the Today screen can break text messaging on these phones so I turned off most of the displays and I completely removed batmemtime but I'm still not able to recieve any text messages. When I put the sim card back in my old HTC Wallaby, it can send and recieve just fine but it doesn't recieve any backed up SMS messages which again leads me to believe that the 4100 is recieving them but not displaying them. Sometimes when I switch to the inbox, it even fails to completely swap over. Does anyone know a solution to this problem? On all other fronts (now that I've gotten a Tengo keyboard for it) I'm much happier with the 4100 over the Wallaby - more memory, brighter screen, faster GPRS through Cingular/AT&T towers than I had been getting through the T-Mobile towers I was forced to use with the Wallaby... Everything is cool except this inability to recieve text messages and I'm constantly worried that I'm missing an important one! Many people text message me in addition to the internet notifications I often have my SMS configured to recieve. It's driving me crazy! Does ANYONE know what would cause the PPC4100 to flatly refuse to recieve (or at least display incoming) text messages? Other functions work correctly, including sending text messages.