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    BB Curve question

    The company that I work for is going BB, so I am thinking of getting one. I have had for years a Kyocera 7135 that did everything that I needed. The K/B all but died and VZW quit supporting it. That forced me to get a Samsung 730. If a VM was left, I had to use the sammy to retrive it. (K/B prob) It was still usable as long as I did not need to use the K/B. If I had taken the 7135 off of VZW's network for a repair, they would not have put it back on. I used the 7135 to store my needed info linked to phone numbers. (Palm platform) I could never find a good way to do the same thing with the 730. (Win OS) Is there a way to link "Notes" to a phone number with the BB?

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    I just changed from an i730 to a Curve. Both were corporate phones, and tied back to outlook 2003. Both did/do a very good job of keeping my contact list in sync on my laptop, workstation, and phone. With 300 contacts, some with 5 phone numbers, this was a very big deal to me.

    On my BB, I can open a new "Note" (as in the application) and this will sync to all my other devices. Or I can add a note to the call log for that call, which does not sync anywhere. But can be emailed off the phone.

    If you are talking about things like Birthdays and such being stored with a contact, that is supported by BB and outlook. The notes field in both sync.

    If you are using a different email program, I'm not sure.

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