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    Verizon Curve 8330 or Treo 700wx?

    Currently using a Treo 700wx and thinking seriously about going to the Verizon Curve.


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    Kind of hard to give useful thoughts without more information. What do you use it for/how do you use it?

    I have owned numerous Palm Pilots (beginning with early versions) and was an early adopter of the "smartphone" (starting with the original "Shoe Phone" Kyo 6135). I have used Palm based phones (Kyo 6135, 7135, Treo), Windows based (HTC flip), Apple iPhone, and currently the BB 8310 on AT&T.

    They all have their pros and cons. For internet surfing and video/MP3, the iPhone is hard to beat. For me, as a business tool, it didn't cut it.

    The BB will integrate with Outlook and will be good for e-mail. That's what I need it for. It is also a very good phone -- which is BASIC in my opinion for a smart phone (I didn't think the original iPhone was a very good phone).

    My Treo was kind of a Brick and it looks like yours is too. The 8310 is a very nice size package with pretty good keyboard. The trackball is different, but I didn't take long to get used to it. The Treo I had didn't voice dial and the Bluetooth radio was funky. But that was some years back. The BB voice dial is as good as I have ever used (right up there with Moto) and the bluetooth has been flawless. For me, no voice dial is a deal buster, as I use the phone in "hands free" situations often. For others, it apparently isn't, as the BB forums all talk about how to remove the VD to create more memory.

    If you want/need a touch screen, the current BB offerings won't satisfy you. There is a new BB coming out that does have a touch screen. I got tired of having to fool with the stylus on the Treo/Palm devices. The touch screen on the iPhone was initially cool, but the novelty wore off and it was always greasy/smudgy. I found the on-screen keyboard difficult to use.

    I realize you didn't ask about the iPhone, but thought the comparisons were interesting.

    As a business based tool for e-mail and calendaring, I find the BB to be my best/most reliable smart phone yet.

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