Couple of thoughts having used my new BB for about 2 weeks:

- It is strange having a phone that you can turn completely off

- I miss having a touch screen to write on, and to grab scroll bars on endless web pages.

- being able to do lookups in my corporate global address list through the ether is perhaps the coolest thing ever (yes - I am easily amused)

- the transition was drama free, which I found very surprising. Everything in outlook (2003) just loaded, and that was that. Emails, calendar, (really big) contact list, notes. After a couple of minutes I was thumbing away.

- there seems to be much more freeware for WM phones than BB. I'm still looking for some decent themes. If you have any secret sites, please let me know!

- the only thing that I have had to work through is setting up sound schemes to prevent my phone from continuously dinging, buzzing, and flashing when any little thing happened.

What has your experience been?