I am having issues with syncing my calendar from Outlook. I had a similar issue with the BB 8830 I had (but that was mainly due to low/no memory issues)

With the Storm I have more than enough memory and I want to sync all of my calendar entries (except archived entries). So when I set the DM to "sync all" it is fine syncing the 1st time/2nd time but then when I go to sync after that, the DM wants to delete all of my old calender entries from Outlook! Luckily I have it set where you have to confirm changes and I can reject. So... I then change the sync setting to "future entries only" and it now wants to change the times on all my all-day repeating events (holidays, b-days, etc.) from 12 to 12 to like 4am to 4am. So I have to reject this stuff too. Any ideas anyone?