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    Since Miata answered my question previously with the option someday of someone being able to write some code for a micro-sd/wifi card to get it to work wifi...hows this instead.... I have a USB wifi card by Linksys and wonder if that might be able to be used with a USB adapter somehow. The fact is, I havent bought the Storm yet, but big red wants to blast everyone with minimum $30 plan with not very much of a data plan, after I am over my allotted usage I intend on using wifi. any thoughts?

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    VZW requires that you have a data plan for any blackberry device. Period. You are not going to get much out of any blackberry device, with any carrier, unless you have the data plan. If you need something cheaper, you'll have to look to either Sprint or TMobile for a blackberry. However, I'm not sure how much cheaper their plans are and when/if they'll get the Storm.
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