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    Recommendations and suggestions please

    Hi All

    I'm about to come to the end of my contract and am looking to get a new handset with my renewal. I've currently got a HTC Touch which I like a lot but it's tiny system memory is killing me.

    I'm looking at the HTC Touch HD, Blackberry Storm, or possibly an iPhone (unlikely though), but other recommendations are more than welcome.

    # must have
    * Touch screen
    * WarDriving software (currently use WiFiFoFum)
    * Japanese language support
    * Good battery life
    * E-mail/SMS/MMS

    # would prefer to have
    * Thai language support
    * Korean language support
    * GPS
    * Anki (although this is actually a must have, I can get by on the web interface if needed)
    * Cheap unlocking. (I travel a lot and need to use local SIM cards)
    * Proper delivery reports (with a name rather than just a number like my current Touch)
    * Sync with lightning (I use Thunderbird for e-mail and dialog for news, I don't want to have to load the bulk of M$ LookOut just for the calendar function)
    * E-mail with CC & BCC

    # would prefer not to have
    * m$ activesync (horrible software that never woks properly)

    I'm with Orange ATM, but will change (and port the number) for the right deal.

    I'm in the UK too.

    I've almost totally ruled out the iPhone as I'm more interested in a business phone than a flashy toy to try and show off with, but will listen if the experts here are unanimous about it being the way to go.

    What do the gurus here think?


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    wow... not even sure to begin!
    I am not even sure what a few of the things are that you use. I personally love my Storm but something tells me it is not going to be able to do what you need it to. Although, you now can do pretty much everything on a BB that you can on a WinMo unit with 3rd party software, etc. If WiFi is a must, then wait for the Storm 9520 to come out which will have quad band GSM, wifi, and unlocked GPS. The Vodaphone 9500 Storm (GSM) and Verizon 9530 (CDMA/GSM) do not have wifi but do have unlocked GPS. You cannot beat the email/sms/mms experience on a BlackBerry in my opinion. After many years on WinMo phones I realized how terrible WinMo Pro is as a touchscreen OS and that is why I went to the BB darkside and I am not looking back!
    Hopefully that was helpful!

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    The Touch HD is clunky. HTC stinks and their products lack. Samsungs Omnia HD might be mor eup your alley. As for the strom...man I love it! As for syncing... a blackberry is built to sync remotely, versus WM that tries to sync devices remotely that were not designed for that purpose. I had a phone with wifi... I never used it. If I needed wifi, i used my lap top. maybe for skype while traveling but from what you are saying that does not seem to be an issue.
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