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    cingular 8125 wifi -- can ping it but says "connection lost?"

    hello all, well i can now ping my cingular 8125 as ip address and i'm set for 802.11b and g with 128 bit encryption and i was able to see my wifi lan and it prompted me for the WEP key, which i then put in manually.

    actually now i can ping my "wireless LAN" at
    and can also ping my "NE2000 compatible ethernet adapter" at

    so i can see them both from another PC on my LAN.

    however, when i run IE on the 8125 and put in a URL, after saying "locating" in the bottom left corner and a 30 second or so timeout it always says:

    "The page cannot be downloaded or displayed because the connection was lost. check the connection and try again later."

    any thoughts or suggestions? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

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    Setting up WiFi Properly

    Hi, I've had the same issues with WiFi and internet access on my 8125 WM5. Performed WiFi setups a couple of times and got it to work consistantly. But, didn't know how I did it.

    Well, fortunately, a fellow PDA user did write down how to setup WiFi. Here's the URL.


    Good luck.

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