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    Incorrect 'unread message count' on Today Screen for Text Messages

    Has any experienced a problem with their MDA or Wing where the "unread message count' for their Text Messages will not reset back to Zero? I have had this occur on both my MDA and now on my Wing as well.

    I have nothing in my text message inbox/outbox/drafts/etc. I am pretty sure this is because the counts are kept in one of the internal databases within WM5/WM6 but I do not know how to reset that database. You are not allowed to 'delete' that mailbox so that's out.

    Is there a procedure (other than the dreaded hard reset) or program that I can run to reset that count? I am trying to avoid reinstalling all my apps just for this little annoyance. I just hate seeing that message on my Today Screen saying I have '1 unread message' when I know there is nothing there.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Outside of a hard reset there is no way to get rid of it. I've got two now. A MMS that showed up last fall and a SMS that showed up this summer and neither will open. Just haven't had the time to do a backup/hard reset/re load.
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