• Apple vs Samsung: The Court Battles Spans the Globe

    The ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung is now directly affecting their business relationship. As they battle it out in Europe and Asia over patent infringement claims the two technology giants are now beginning to feel the strain on their manufacturing/supplier relationship. Both companies, who are in direct competition, have even used the courts to ban sales of each others products in various countries as part of the legal action.

    Samsung is currently on of the main suppliers for memory chips in Apples iPhone and iPad products. Due to the ongoing conflicts in the courtroom, Apple is beginning to shift it's supplier focus away from Samsung and send more of this business to two of it's other suppliers, Toshiba and Elpida Memory.

    It may get a lot messier before all is said and done. Here's hoping that consumers aren't the ones to suffer in the end or there will be no winners in this war.