I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get help for my two problems. Every time I contact O2 support they don’t seem to be able to give me a solution. If someone could direct me to where I could get REAL help for this problem it would be great!

If there is a super user out there that knows how to correct the issues, here they are:

1) When I get new voice mail the voice mail indicator never ever shows up on the screen.

2) When I am on a call and am notified of "call waiting" my current call gets disconnected.

Here is a little background info. I live in Florida. My service provider is T-Mobile. I bought the phone from a reputable reseller (actually I bought 2, one for me and one for my partner. We have the same identical issues; so I know the issue is not just my phone).

The phone has not officially been released in North America. When I call T-Mobile they won’t help because the phone isn’t theirs. O2 keeps saying it shouldn’t be a problem, they keep telling me to do the same redundant things.

I set up my voice mail to "page" me to notify of new message but that comes through as a "call waiting" and disconnects the current call?! If I block the call waiting then I am never paged while on a call to know I have new voice mail!! UGG!!I have reinstalled hardware, done hard and soft resets to nausea! The phone is killer but these two issues keep me from using it.

Can anybody help or tell me where to go for help?

Thrashed in Florida USA