I finally got to do some real flash work for the first time at Basketball. I had to hack up my Strobeframe Camera Flip to work with the D2H, but in the end it did the job. This is also the first game I've bumped up to ISO1600 with the D2H. I did have the game each way. I wasn't used to these changes and in the end I goofed up some White Balance and Exposure settings on the ISO1600, but after a pass thru Noise Ninja, they looked pretty decent. As luck has it, I ended up with a very similar picture with flash, and without.
First, with the SB-800

D2H, Manual 1/400, f/2, Flash iTTL FP, Bounced at 45 degrees with white card, Color Balance Auto, ISO800, 85mm f/1.8 lens

Now without the flash... ISO1600

First, with the SB-800

D2H, Aperature Priority 1/320, f/2, No Flash, Color Balance w/Grey Card, ISO1600, 85mm f/1.8 lens

I ran all the pictures through Noise Ninja in batch using the default EXIF based profiles. I then used the Unsharp Filter in PS7.

Personally, I'm pleased with ISO1600 here. I'm also pleased with the first time out using the SB-800 for half a game. I asked and none of the girls on the team knew I was using a flash (or noticed).