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    Canon announces the 30D and some new lens

    Well Canon just announced the 30D and some new lens.

    30D compared to the 20D:

    * Redesigned body (more EOS 5D like)
    * Larger LCD monitor (2.5")
    * Soft-touch shutter release button
    * AE/AF lock remains set if shutter is kept half-pressed between shots
    * Faster startup and wake from sleep times
    * Direct print button on rear of camera
    * Spot metering
    * 100,000 shot shutter cycle
    * ISO selectable in third stop steps
    * ISO speed shown in viewfinder as you change it
    * Selectable 5 or 3 fps continuous shooting
    * PictureStyles instead of simple image parameters
    * 9,999 images per folder (instead of 100 as per the EOS 20D)
    * 15 menu languages (3 new)

    New lens include:

    Canon EF-S 17 - 55 mm F2.8 IS lens
    Canon EF 85 mm F1.2 L II lens (Mark II)

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    New ISO settings:

    • Auto (100 to 400)
    • ISO 100
    • ISO 125
    • ISO 160
    • ISO 200
    • ISO 250
    • ISO 320
    • ISO 400
    • ISO 500
    • ISO 640
    • ISO 800
    • ISO 1000
    • ISO 1250
    • ISO 1600
    • ISO 3200 (Enhanced H)

    and more information on the 30D:


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    A lot of people on other forums are really complaining about how Canon didnt live up to "their standards" of a newly put out model (where was that rolling eyes smiley when you need it)... while I feel as a few do that it may not live up to the D200 that Nikon came out with since they didnt even upgrade the MP or go to a DigicIII sensor, I feel they did a GOOD job on this along with the two new lenses thus far... they are aimed at the crowd that will make Canon the most money... the consumer/prosumer level photographer...

    I think the complainers would complain about whatever Canon did... as you look at all the Canon dSLRs (D30, D60, 10D, Rebel, RebelXT, 20D, 1D, 5D, 1DM2, 1DM2n, 1Ds, 1DsM2) and tell me of one camera that just wasnt a good camera of its time... the 30D... is another... great camera of its time...
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    I agree that it should be good. I won't be upgrading to it, as I normally have been hoping on every other model they come out with. This is better than their rebel line, and they are cutting the price below that of the 20D, so it makes it even better. They could have done some more, but this is an improvement, just not a big as step as the 10D to the 20D was.

    I will wait until next year when they release their next one.

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    Yep, they seem to be doing a good job of not competing "head to head" with what Nikon is producing. Nikon's pro bodies are 1.5x and the 2x speed crop... Canon's are 1.3x and 1x. Nikon's gone higher piced on the D200, and made it closer to the pro bodies... Canon is keeping the 30D in the pro-sumer class, keeping the price low, and probably will sell a ton of them at that price. Canon is doing the 5D which has no competitor.

    Truthfully, I was a little disappointed that they didn't beef up the 30D... but then it probably would need to be in a different class. Maybe they are working on a 3D for the future... hey, we can start the rumors going.
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