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    portfolio finally online

    Finally got a portfolio of my images online. They are broken down into three categories - people, weddings, and sports.

    If you see any images you really don’t like by all means let me know.

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    Nice images there, and the site has a great layout to highlight your work.
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    You've got a lot of nice photos. The football player with the entire other team chasing him down is a great shot, and the guys passing the batton is well done, too. The wedding shots have a lot of emotion to them. They really seem to capture the mood.

    Since you asked me to tell you which ones I didn't like I'll oblige.

    The people shot with the candles needed something. I felt the subject needed to be better defined.

    My eye kept focusing on the flash in the background on that one wedding shot.

    The picture with the coach talking to his team was a good one, but I wish he didn't have a flag pole sticking out of his back.

    Ok, so maybe I don't "really don't like" those shots, but they were my least favorite.

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