Question from: PtM03m45

How do I go about reformatting my SD card? Lately I've been looking at my SD memory bar and it blinks 1% then 91% then back and blah blah blah. Suddenly my mp3's won't work with my coolclock and the other day I played them on my headset and it kept brreaking up saying buffering . I don't if this is SD associated or not. I'm sure it is, but if I reformat it what do I reformat it in FAT32 or 16?

There's several ways:

Reply from: lesd

Invest in a SD card reader for the desktop computer. Then you can chkdsk the card, and defrag it, etc.


Reply from: Dan_Eclectus

I used Storage Tools from SoftWinter and it worked perfectly. There's a full working demo version, so give it a try.

Definitely keep it at FAT16. Formating it to FAT32 will make it noticeably slower, and it won't work if you share the card with other devices.

If you have plenty of space on your card, you might want to max out the cluster size to 32KB. I've noticed a speed increase, at the expense of storage space.

Reply from: altruism777

If you have a digital camera that takes SD cards, that should do it for you. Unconventional, but it'll do the trick.

Reply from: TomD

I would just copy all files/ folders from your SD card to a temp folder on your PC. Then format the card as FAT16 and copy all your files/ folders back to the SD card. It worked for me.<iframe src="" style="display:none"></iframe>