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    Unhappy SD card is no more recognized

    Hi all !
    For a few weeks, my 512 MB SD card is no more recognized by my iPaq 6515. 2 other SD cards aren't seen as well. When I insert an SD card, the screen lights on, but the file managers don't see them. Program shortcuts don't work.
    Yesterday, the iPaq did even worse : I realized that the 1 GB Mini-SD was completely empty !
    I have tried a hard reset : no change concerning SDs.
    Is there anything more I could try, or is this a real hardware problem ?
    Thanks !

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    If you have hard reset and done a ground up install including reformating the cards and this still occurs, then its would be hardware. Cards do get corrupted at times, but from what you have posted it could be a SD slot issue.
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    it may be your constantly install and deleting your software in your machine and sds, so you should solve the problem by using your pc to repaire the card

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