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    Arrow Newest HP 6515 ROM UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!

    As of Jun/14, HP released ROM update for 6515 series, including 6515b, excluding 6515a.


    The problem is, what we got from Cingular are all 6515a devices which will not update with this ROM. Are the devices we get from Cingular physically the same as the ones that HP sell directly to customers, like 6515b,6515c...?

    If they are all the same, can we find a way to flash this newest rom into our Cingular 6515a device? I tried, but it says "wrong version", then wouldn't let me flash.

    Hope somebody can help

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    Here, this ia a beta of the ROM for the 6515a, I just installed it on my Cingular 6515a and everything is working so far.

    Beta 6515a 1.21.32 ROM upgrade

    Keep in mind, this is a BETA, use at your OWN risk, I haven't fully tested it (just installed it 2minutes ago) and I will not and cannot support you if you have issues with it. I'm new to the scene.
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