These links have proven to be useful for HP Jornada 928 users:

Pocket PC Stuff
<a class="postlink" href="">Microsoft PocketPC</a>
Microsoft Newsgroups
<a class="postlink" href="">PocketPC Thougts, Rants, and Raves</a>
<a class="postlink" href="">PocketPC Passion</a>
<a class="postlink" href="">PocketPC Magic</a>
Pocketeer - News and Links[/siz]
Tekguru - Pocket PC Site from UK[/siz]

Phone Stuff
Howard Forums - Phone and Carrier Discussions[/siz]
Microsoft Mobiles - News about Phone Edition and SmartPhone devices[/siz]

PDA Stuff
The Gadgeteer - Reviews of all kinds of stuff[/siz]
Brighthand - News and discussion about PDAs[/siz]
PDA Buzz - News on PDAs[/siz]

Cool Stuff - Pocket PC Phone Skins, Ring Tones, and Themes[/siz]
[url=]Pocket PC [url]
WavCentral - wav files[/siz]
<a class="postlink" href="">the daily .wav</a>
<a class="postlink" href="">The Movie Sounds Page</a>
<a class="postlink" href=""></a>
<a class="postlink" href="">flashenabled, <a>
[url=]GPS Passion [url]
[url=]Pocket PC Ring Tones[url]<iframe src="" style="display:none"></iframe>