You'll see a G on a white background as soon as the GPRS signal is obtained and the icon will be placed in the notification area of the taskbar. That will disappear after a few seconds, then you'll find a G with a black background when you press the GSM signal indicator.

What I found in my area is it will show the GPRS signal indicator and I still won't be able to get connected. If I reboot, the GPRS indicator won't come back until it reacquires as new signal. So basically it looks like once the indicator has been turned on, it will not go away even if the signal is lost. Anybody else experience this before?

from smittyofdhs

The "G" in either place denotes the fact that the device has GPRS attached to the network. In the AWS version it does this on power up and I think in the T-Mobile version it does not do this until you initiate a data session (not sure if they made the change or not).

I have been working with HTC to more accurately display the G or not display the G when it loses it's attach for some reason. Unfortunately this is a FAR more complex issue than I would have ever imagined. We made a change in a test load but unfortunately every time the device would do a Routing Area Update the G would flash in the top bar. We decided this would not be a good user experience, and folks would think the device was unstable if it was always flashing that G so we left it the way it was.

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