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    remove 'camera' from touchflo today screen?

    i just moved from a touch to touch pro 2. i pretty much used the regular winmo interface on the touch but am trying to get used to touch flo on my tp2. my main gripe is hitting the damn camera setting on the today screen. settings seems to allow for removing many tabs except the camera from the bottom left. is there a hack to pull the camera selection out of there? thanks in advance.

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    i found some info on it at xda developers.

    Originally Posted by dshosu View Post
    I think I may have figured it out or at least am on to something...

    I remapped my LEFT softkey to open Windows Media Player.

    HomeLSKArguments:-manila off
    HomeLSKText:Media Player

    I have a brand new Sprint TP2.
    I believe you figured it out. Arguments is not needed though. -manila off doesn't do anything.

    So RSKPath points to left... that's really annoying. I remember reading this somewhere, but it was so ridiculous that I never tried it. LSKPath doesn't do anything though. =( Definitely a bug somewhere
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