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    Question Unread message beep?

    hey folks,

    Love my new TP2, moved from an original Q

    one feature the Q had that I liked was the "unread message beep" where if there was an email or text it would beep every 15 mins.
    When in a noisy environment I would turn it on so I didn't have to always be looking at it to see if I missed a message. With my new TP2 I find myself being a little ocd always checking for messages.

    I have the led set to flash indefinitely, which works if its not on my belt.
    I'd like an audio alert as well though.

    TP2 is stock for now.

    anybody got any thoughts on how to replicate that feature?
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    I never found an app built into the OS that would do it... I'm not sure what's bundled into the TP2 for those features, but I'm using SPB Phone suite... I've used PhoneAlarm in the past too, but it was more than I needed.
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