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    Getting a Reminder and When Htting Snooze Selecting a Time Interval?

    On my old i760 it was running full blown winmo 6.1 and when an alarm came up I could hit snooze then it would give me time intervals now I don't hvae that open I push snooze just to default to ~5 mins or so.

    Any fixes?


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    I found a program that helps with that. It is called:
    crack*****'s snooze options
    Yes that is the name. I think it was on xda-developers site. A google search should find it.
    I believe it only does a simply reg edit, but I find the .CAB file easier to install/remove.

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    You can try this. I did this and can choose the times.

    This works:

    xda-developers - View Single Post - select "snooze" interval

    The snooze time from Touchflo appears to be coded within a .dll. If you rename the pointer to a .dll that doesn't exist, the function will revert to Windows' function. The alarm message format you'll receive will be the Windows dialog (not quite as pretty as TouchFlo's) but you'll be able to select the snooze intervals as you may be accustomed to.

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