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    3G tethering dies when SIM card unlocked?

    At least that's what seems to have happened... I unlocked my SIM card yesterday, preparing for a trip overseas shortly. After the soft reset, I simply cannot tether any more. If the phone is connected to anything - via USB or even WMWiFiRouter - 3G data access is blocked. Untether, and I can get 3G no problem.

    The beings at the Verizon store were worthless; simply handed me a phone and said 'talk to tech support'. Tier 2 tech support guy spent 15 minutes telling me I was lying, as I was literally WALKING THROUGH the problem right there (I brought my laptop with me); it was only when an in-store person confirmed my story that I started getting somewhere.

    Spent 90 minutes on the phone, two hard resets, a manual programming, and no-go. The result? Bump to tier 3 for some resolution sometime next week. In the mean time, no 3G tethering thus no Internet at the house.

    Asked if I could get a loaner phone or 3G USB modem - not a chance. I could buy one for $40 and get 250 MB; of course, it's not refundable (even though I have an unlimited plan).

    So, all that aside (lousy service - Verizon WILL hear from me about their lack of customer care; Microsoft contractor, 16 year customer from the old McCaw Cellular days), has anyone else had their phone stop tethering after you unlocked the SIM card? I'm convinced that's what it was, since that was the ONLY change between when it was working and when it stopped...

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    I did not have this problem

    As soon as I learned about unlocking the SIM I did it. After that I had no trouble with tethering. If you did a hard reset and still had troubles this may indicate a problem with the device hardware/firmware potentially. Tech support should just swap out for a new handset for you. Unlock the SIM on this one and my guess is the problem will not manifest on another handset. I could be wrong though....
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