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Thread: MicroSD Slot

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    Question MicroSD Slot

    I just got a 2GB San Disk Micro SD card and put it in my month old 8525. It didn't recognize it and the card didn't "pop" out when pressed like the little plastic piece that comes in the slot. It was stuck. I ended up having to remove the battery, and use a paper clip to get the card out. When I put it again a second time it was recognized but still does not come out with ease.


    Am I the only person experiencing this problem or is this a know issue with the 8525?
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    I use a 1GB Kingston card. It slides in and out okay, but not as smoothly as a mini-SD card does on my PPC-6700.

    Insert: I hear a small "click" when I insert the micro-SD card all the way.

    Remove: I also hear a small "click" when I push on the card to remove it. After I hear the click the card pops out a few millimeters - enough to grab a hold of it and remove it.

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