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    Unhappy Does not monitor "split second" calls ...

    I love your program , with one exception ...

    I have another program called MagiCall, which basically monitors and blocks calls and SMS messages. Amoung its features, MagiCall allows you to Pick&Drop calls from listed numbers. For example, if a number on the list calls your phone, the caller hears a click followed almost immediately by slow beeping, as if the call was never connected. My phone never rings (correct operation), displays a notification that a blocked caller attempted to call, and that's it. The caller has no oportunity to get to my voicemail because the call basically gets answered (pick) and then hung up (drop). This pick and drop happens in a split second, yet my phone company charges me for 1 minute (they round up to the nearest minute) because the call was, in fact, answered, even if it was for only a brief instant.

    Unfortunately, Phone Dashboard (PD) does not recognize these quick picks and drops and, therefore, does not include the 1 minute charge to the daily/monthly total.

    Can something be done to have PD recognize these calls, and add the 1-minute charges to the monitored totals?


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    Sorry, posted in the wrong forum.

    Forgive me!

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