I loaded WebTo Go (WTG) on my Samsung i500 several days ago and have not been able to get it fully operational. I attempted unsuccessfully to change the default settings from the i500 preferences. On one attempt I apparently got it set properly and was able to access a few web pages on WTG. What I found is that this is far superior to the Blazer web browser that is installed on the i500. Only thing is, since logging off I have been unable to get back on. Whatever settings I used, I have been unable to duplicate. Unfortunately, I did not know how to reset the system defaults to have WTG replace Blazer as the default browser.

If anyone has been successful in getting their WebToGo properly set up on a Samsung i500 (or perhaps an i300), please let me know what settings you are using for both the i500 preferences as well as for the WTG program itself.