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    Unhappy Activation problem with sprint pcs service

    I got a used i500 from ebay. It has some esn problem to activate. I visited local store so many times to solve this matter.
    At the beginning, they said it is ok to activate but whenever they tried to do, it showed erro on their system. They recommanded me call coustomer service and ask them to release ESN to activate because it seemed still under someone's account. I called customer service and they said the ESN Number is not for Sprint,
    It is under virgin mobil which is prepaid phone service. They said i need to ask them to release esn, so sprint can activate my phone.
    Is it possible that my i500 can be used as prepaid???
    Not sprint service???

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    Same Problem - ESN hangup on i500

    I have the same problem - bought a used i500 which is fully functional. Sprint says the ESN is registered with another network, but won't give me the name, nor any information on the person with service registered. They said it is in Salt Lake city. The phone is useless unless the other party releases the ESN. What to do?

    Did you buy yours from CDI-wholesale on eBay? The SOB is completely uninterested in making good on this purchase.

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    Same problem here. After numerous phone calls with different dept at sprint. the answer is this: You're screwed. If the phone has been sold to a third party phone service like a prepaid or another wireless company, Sprint takes the ESN out of their database and can't put it back.

    The problem is not that the phone doesn't work and that the person you bought it from sold you a bad phone. The problem is that when we call up and check the ESN with Sprint the CSR tells us that the ESN is clear and ok for activation. So now Sprint is the problem.

    I found a person in the PR department through the press releases on their website and sent them an email explaining this and the very next morning I received a call from someone higher up at Sprint. They were willing to switch out the phone since I had been a customer for 5 years now. I explained to them that it is a CSR problem and that on this site many people have had the same problem and it wasn't an isolated incident.

    Anyway. If the ESN isn't working. You are SOL. Only options are. Talk to higher ups at Sprint, Try to get Samsung to switch out the phone or sell it on ebay as a PDA only.

    Good luck to you all

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