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    headphones not working

    I just bought my 7135 and everything is working really great so far. Without realizing it, I bought a nice pair of headphones thinking that the plug on the phone would match the universal plug on the headphones. So I bought an adapter from radio shack that goes from 2.5mm stereo to 3.5mm stereo. I plug everything in and the phone doesnt like the idea. The best I could get it to work is the sound only coming from one side of the headphones and was very choppy. The phone also seemed to freeze up here and there and do other random weird things. Should I be better off getting that adapter thats been mentioned on the FAQ that you can plug any headphones into or should this work and I have a defectve phone/headphones/adapter? All help for this newbie is greatly appreciated.

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    The Radio Shack adaptor doesn't work! It will cause your phone to do weird things. Buy the adaptor mentioned in the other posts and you will be very happy with the quality.
    And get a refund from Radio Shack.

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