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Thread: I'm out!

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    I'm out!

    I am very disapointed. Here I sit looking at my wifes Motorola T720. It is showing a full digital signal--able to call out with no problems. I also sit here looking at my new Kyocera 7135 with a searching for signal status---I love this phone but I can't get it to give me a reliable signal--

    When it is plugged in the sync cradle it shows full strength--when it is closed up and sitting on the counter it goes between full and zero.

    I would love to blame it on our area or the towers but both my old Kyocera 3035 and our new T720 are getting great reception. Maybe I have a defect or something isn't set up right.

    I guess I will return it and then purchase it again when it comes out on Verizon---At least I will have some product support then--Or then maybe I'll win the contest---but one thing is for sure.......

    I'll be back---

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    Re: I'm out!

    Originally posted by CloudyI
    ...one thing is for sure... I'll be back
    Good, we'd like ya' to stick around.
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