With the discussion in other threads about these "entities" who APPARENTLY "re-sell" 7135s, there's ONE issue that's been overlooked. I'll admit, I may be "anal" about stuff like this -- BUT, even if buying a 7135 from someone for LESS than the "going rate", there's one thing that a buyer needs to know ... whether he's buying from eBay, or whoever that person is who advertises on Usenet:

Reading the docs that come with the 7135 ... Kyocera DOES NOT HAVE TO provide warranty service to the end user IF he/she DID NOT buy the 7135 from an "authorized supplier." In fact -- the Warranty document says that the warranty is valid:

" ... provided that you are the original end-user purchaser of the Product and provided that your purchase was made from an authorized supplier."

So UNLESS the "entity" selling on eBay OR on Usenet is a Kyocera "authorized supplier" ... then Kyocera DOES NOT HAVE TO honor the warranty.

Will they? Who knows, they could.

The point is -- they wouldn't HAVE to.

Buyer beware!<iframe src="" style="display:none"></iframe>